We, the management and employees of Haul Ways Transport LLC, are committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics and professional conduct.

We agree to comply with both the spirit and the letter of this code and to apply its principles in making decisions and in conducting our day-to-day business.


 Conduct our business in an environmentally responsible, safe and sustainable manner and in compliance with UAE standards in terms of quality, health and safety.

Preserve and develop our professional competence to serve customers diligently and in good faith and ensure that the services we provide constitute a fair value for customers.

 Honor confidentiality and respect the privacy of all stakeholders by preventing disclosure of individual or business data collected during our dealings, except if authorized by such Stakeholders or as required by law.

 Avoid misrepresentation in all business dealings, recognizing that permanent business relations on a professional level can be maintained only on a basis of HONESTY and FAIRNESS.

 Comply with all applicable anti-bribery UAE laws and to accurately reflect all transactions on Haul Ways Transport’s books and records. It is also our policy to engage in business with Stakeholders who comply with these same laws and practices.

 Provide, accept or demand no gifts or entertainment in the guise of sales expense, where the intent or effect is to unduly prejudice the recipients in favour of the donor; and to renounce all forms of commercial bribery.

 Practice fair and honorable competition and support participation in professional or Industry Associations.

 Settle disputes based on facts and fairness only.

 Promote employment conditions that protect the rights and welfare of all Haul Ways Transport employees.

 Treat all people fairly and respectfully regardless of religion, ethnic origin, race, gender, age, disability etc.

 Counsel and accept counsel from colleagues and involved Stakeholders whenever the occasion permits, in the furtherance of the profession.#

 Use resources (equipment or otherwise) provided by Haul Ways Transport more efficiently and productively. These resources are to be used for work only and not shared with anyone outside the Company or to be used for private purposes.


We are committed to comply with:

 Legal policies & procedures for conducting business (Valid Trade License; Visa etc.)
Varied Authorities on managing haulage business (Port, Customs, RTA, Municipality etc.)
 Company Policies & Procedures (leave, Code of Ethics etc.)